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We offer immunizations for everyone – from adults and seniors to teens going off to college. Stay protected with the CDC-recommended vaccines you need, administered by an immunization-trained pharmacist. Some of our vaccines include Shingles, Tetanus, Pneumonia, and more. We also offer Flu Shots (Influenza) for our patients. The vaccine provides protection about 2 weeks after you receive it. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend getting vaccinated each flu season as soon as you can.


While it may be significant work to adopt a drive-thru model, there are many benefits of drive-thrus for our customers. First, the convenience is attractive to customers. Customers enjoy the option to order their medicine, pay for it easily and then pick it up quickly. The other benefit is that drive-thrus involve limited contact which is very important as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Not only does it keep staff and customers safe, but it is an added incentive for customers to order from
our store.

Refills via Web/Mobile App

We recently launched a mobile app for prescription refills! The pharmacy app provides a quick and easy way for patients to order prescription refills via a quick refill form or a secure login, which displays the patient’s prescription profile. Patients are provided real-time information on each of their prescriptions (i.e. refillable, no refills, expired, etc.) and can even request the pharmacy contact the prescriber to authorize additional refills when required.

This app is available for Android and Apple devices and instantly connects you with Nguyen Pharmacy for quick and easy prescription refills.




Our Autofill Program takes the hassle out of getting your prescriptions filled every month. We do it for you! One trip to the pharmacy and you have all your maintenance medications ready for you. Our Autofill Program has your prescriptions filled as soon as they are due saving you the time of calling to request them. We even take care of faxing your physician to request refills if necessary.

The Auto-Fill system is customized for each patient to ensure timely and accurate dispensing.

Travel Health and Immunizations

Based on your destination, we’ll provide details on potential health and safety risks, such as food and water safety as well as insect precautions. Our pharmacists will determine which vaccinations are recommended or required based on your travel itinerary.

We’ll tailor our recommendations to your medical history (including allergies and immunizations), accommodations and activities.

Specialty Vitamins and Products

We know exactly what you are taking. Our top brand OTC specialty vitamins have been tested and each has a certificate of analysis!
Some medications can cause nutrient loss but specialty vitamins may help replenish these nutrients. Replenish lost nutrients and stay
healthy with our specialty vitamins. stop by or Visit our shop link above for these products and more.

Bubble pack packaging (free of charge)

We provide FREE options like Bubble Pack medication packaging to help our patients stay adherent by making it easy to take your medication everyday.

Bubble Packs contained sealed compartments for medication to be taken at specific times of the day. Ask us today to enroll you in this packaging option!

bubble packaging photo